We want to simplify your work. Not complicate it. That’s why we are no fans of user licenses. Why? User-based licensing is annoying if you have more viewers than user licenses. Blocking a user’s access is frustrating. At worst for an important decision-maker. This is our experience, also as customers of plugins and visuals in our previous jobs.

Plus, we know how it feels when hidden costs pop up and you get a surprise bill with the number of excess users.

In summary, user-based processing means only more work for both you and us. Increasing email communication requires more effort. Creating new invoices also demands more effort. And updating licenses needs extra attention from both parties involved. We want to avoid this.

We do not limit the number of users, dashboards and visualizations.

If you feel that a visual might be helpful for your work, we can offer you two variants for processing:

  • We can send you a quote. If you accept it, you will receive the license key and an invoice, which you can pay by bank transfer in Euro.
  • Or, you can order in the store. Here you can pay with all major credit cards and PayPal in your currency.

You or the purchasing contact will receive a license code after the sale. Often, our customers save this on SharePoint so that all developers can access it.

Viewers within your company do not need to install the visual themselves. They also do not need to enter a license code. As soon as you save and publish the report with the visual, everyone in the company can see and use the visual.

Let us know if you need a quote beforehand or have any more questions. Contact us now at !