For all our product lines (Power BI & Qlik Sense) we do not differentiate between creators and viewers. The license size is based solely on the distinct number of users using, viewing, creating, changing and maintaining the dashboard or visual during a license period. There are no feature differences between the packages.

You can get concrete prices and larger packages on the respective product page when configuring your license (user, platform, etc).

We do not distinguish between creators and viewers in terms of licensing. All users who view or interact with the visual require a license.

Example #1 – Package size and no distinction between user roles

You work in a company with 150 employees. Of these, 3 are BI Analysts / Dashboard Creators. The visualization and dashboard is shared with 90 colleagues. This gives a total of 93 people in the company access to the visualization. Your appropriate license package would then be 100 users.

Example # 2 – Maximum number of unique users

You create a report with our visuals that is only viewed by a maximum of three people at a time each day. However, a total of 45 different people access it during the license period. In this case, you will purchase a license size of 50 users, as this package size includes the 45 users used. We do not take into account the maximum concurrent usage by users in a report, but instead the total number of unique users during the license period.

Note: Important for platforms > 500 user: please reach out to us directly () in order to get your individual offer that fits to your needs.